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When Anthony was in third grade, he saw a video about honey bees.  It was one of the coolest things he had ever seen, so he came home and announced to his parents that he wanted to get some bees to add to the family farm.  After stalling for a year, his parents gave in and did the right thing. Today, Anthony has over 200 hives throughout Douglas, Franklin and Leavenworth Counties, with plans to add more.  What makes Anthony and his business special is that Anthony was born with developmental disabilities.  If it weren't for Anthony's bees, his future career options would be severely limited. However, due to his hard work, passion, and family support, Anthony is now 23 and the owner of a growing business. He sells Honey, Pollen, Honey Straws, Bar “Bee” Q sauce, Beef Jerky, Lip Balm, Soap, and more at local farmer's markets, through various retailers, and on the internet. Anthony has turned his love for these fascinating creatures into a chance to support himself with dignity, despite his disability. The other thing that makes Anthony's Beehive special is that it is truly a family affair. Anthony’s mom, dad, and siblings are almost as busy producing honey as are his bees. We could all take a lesson from Anthony, and from the bees that he watches intently as they harvest nectar from the flowers of Northeast Kansas